Our company

We have been crafting cement with passion, professionalism and commitment since the early 1900s, when the enterprising Guido Battivelli took over ICAR, a Milan based company specializing in the production of bathtubs, sinks, stairs, flower boxes and other elements for the Art Nouveau facades of the buildings of the period.

In 1949, thanks to the Ina house plan launched by Amintor Fanfani, the Minister of Social Security, a large quantity of cement and gravel bathroom fixtures were required for the newly constructed housing

In 1959 Guido’s son Umberto founded a new company under the name of Battivelli Umberto initiating the larger scale production of cement.

One of the new company’s first and most challenging jobs was the creation of balcony railings for the Torre di Capo Nord a Sesto San Giovanni in Milan.

Its statue bases in Pinacoteca di Brera style were remarkable for their time, copies of which were sent to Sydney, Australia

In 1984 the company took on other interesting and challenging jobs in realizing the curve steps and landings as part of the restoration of the Teatro Studio di via Rivoli in Milan, designed by urban planner and architect Marco Zanuso, as well as the Cimitero di Lambrate fountain also in Milan.

In 1991, Umberto founded Battivelli Umberto e Maurizio S.n.c. with his son Maurizio and decided to move the business to Veneto, while continuing to work with its Milan and Lombardy clients.

This move enabled the company to evolve in terms of competence and capacity, whilst acquiring new techniques and broadening its product range to not only include elements for the most modern of buildings, but also the reconstruction of detailed elements for historical buildings, all the while servicing companies like Arsenale Nuovo S.c.ar.l. which collaborates with the Venice Arsenal, or companies associated with RFI – The Italian Railway Service.